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Hacking Facebook Account With Trusted Friends

Hack facebook account tips tricks – Hacking of facebook account with trusted friends .

To get started with it, you have to create three fake facebook accounts and make sure they are in friend list of the person whose facebook account you are go to hack.

How to hack facebook account following these steps:

• First of all, create three new facebook accounts and add fake accounts in your friend’s friend list. you have done 90% of your work.
• Click on forgot your password?option then we will show the recovery list.
• In the first option give his email address and enter the friend name and go to search button.
• Now everyone see the profile picture.
• Now enter the valid email id,do not associated with any facebook account yet and click on submitbutton.
• Now you will be prompted to the security questions. If you know the answer you will go to next steps.
• after the unsuccessful attempts, you will be recover your account .
• It will ask you to choose 3 friends. Now you create the account.
• Selects the 3 friends, facebook will be send to u security codes to the email id. And login into the account.
• you will be get password reset email on email id.

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