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Make A Mail-Sending Keylogger In 5 Mins


Keylogger is a device which tracks the keystrokes of a victim’s computer and sends you back the data. several methods of keylogging exists. With a keylogger deployed in a victim’s computer you get access to credentials of these.

  • Victim’s Mail Accounts
  • Victim’s Social Accounts
  • Bank account and credit card details and much more

Here we will know about how to make a keylogger which sends you back the keystrokes of victim’s computers to your mail account at a regular intervals.

Getting Started

  • Download the Keylogger making tool.

Setting up mail server & Building The Keylogger

here we will setup with gmail, although methods are similar for other mailing services , if not identical

  • Go to google account setting & Allow Acess to less secure apps
  • Open up costexSMTP keylogger and put in your user-mail_id and password
  • Put smtp.gmail.com in SMTP and 587 @ Port
  • Hit on test mail to verify the credentials and check the test mail received in your inbox

  • You can try additional setting like USB spreading or a custom error message. As shown in above image
  • Also Tick “Start-up” , doing this will put it in startup folder, this will make your keylogger start it’s action as soon as window boots up.
  • Once you press “Build” a “server.exe” file will be made in SMTP folder
  • “Server.exe” is your keylogger

Deploying The Payload

  • Now after build is done your keylogger will be located in SMTP folder named “server.exe”
  • Rename the file to your desired name and send the file to victim
  • Once victim opens the keylogger, the keylogger will work in background and starts sending back the keystrokes to your email inbox


NOTE : This Keylogger runs in background and can be stopped by killing “Host Processor” in Task Manager (This can be avoided b Ticking “Stop TaskManager” in Settings menu while building the keylogger.


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  1. Thank you so much but actually i tried this in my computer ,,i run the server.exe ,,it appear in the task manager ,, but when i open my gmail i don’t find nothing please help (btw test mail worked for me)

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